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Storyteller: A Campfire Horror RPG (PDF)

Storyteller: A Campfire Horror RPG (PDF)

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Camping! S'mores! Spooky stories! Being too scared to go pee at 3 am in the deep abyss that consumes the forest each night when the terrors arise and feast upon those who stray too far from the embers of the dying fire!

STORYTELLER is an ad-lib campfire narrative game of monsters, horror and mystery. Create engaging stories in the wilderness with just camping equipment.

Play can happen either in Game Mode as a traditional roleplaying game, or in Story Mode, to tell an interactive story to an audience.

Set-up involves filling out a Story Prompt that consists of eight fill-in-the-blanks. Players can optionally fill out a Character Profile to define individual characters. This rule book provides a myriad of options for each, or you can come up with your own.

Once you have played several times, you can sit around the campfire with nothing but your imagination and camping equipment to tell tall tales together. Narrating is easy enough that everyone can take a turn.

Do you run a nonprofit, scout troop, education, or theater program?

Get in touch with us at We can help you get setup with what you need, provide assistance on how to use Storyteller and adapt it for your group.

Make sure to check out the free Storyteller Creator's Guide for making your own content and genre's using the Storyteller system!

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