New! The Tether Bundle

A duet horror letter writing game with custom designed players journal

Nothing ever happens in this forgotten town. Every day is as predictable as the last, dragging on into eternity. And that made it even more strange when you happened upon the journal. It may have been hidden by the decaying foliage of last season on the forest floor, or washed up on the shore of the stream that leads into the old cave outside of town, but wherever it was that you spotted it, it drew you in.

Tether is a role-playing game for two players that is played through the process of writing journal entries.

The two characters are connected by a journal known as The Tether, which allows them to write notes to each other through time.

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Whispers in the Walls

The Solo Horror TTRPG

“If the walls could talk,” they always said. But you know better. In the late hours, during the absolute darkness, the walls will open their maws and whisper their secrets, shared through cries and wails and mimicry of the horrors within. You’re a private investigator with the unique talent of teasing out their mysteries and piecing together their meanings.

Whispers in the Walls is a solo journaling RPG about the knowledge of the walls. You play it by yourself in the dark.

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The Latest Hints and Hijinx Mystery

Hamsters & Himbos: A small town mystery of unmatched thicness

About Hints and Hijinx Games

Discover a string of solo mystery journaling games to keep you on the edge of your seat!
A purpose built ttrpg system for uncovering mysteries, with a unique playthru each time.

Whether it is a coffee caper at a café, an insidious giant hamster conundrum, or discovering lost memories in hell, put on your favorite cap and become the only detective that can solve the case.

Dive into a Hints and Hijinx Mystery - or create your own!