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The Cold Dark

The Cold Dark

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What is the Cold Dark?

The Cold Dark is a solo journaling game about survival. You play a survivor lost in bleak, frozen wilderness after a storm brought down the plane you were in. Now, with your pilot dead and no one to help you, you must gather every resource you can to simply stay alive.

The Cold Dark is also a horror game. The further you travel—the longer you survive—the clearer it becomes that something is hunting you. Before this night is over, you will have to take a stand against this unseen Beast.

If the cold doesn't kill you, It will.

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How Do You Play?

Your survivor must travel to up to 13 different locations in search for as many resources as they can. To do this they must overcome certain complications present at each location, by using one of their two skills; Survival or Awareness.

Each of these skills is represented by a dice value which can decrease in size for every failure to overcome a challenge. The more you try to survive, the harder things eventually become.

The resources you gather increase your chances to kill the Beast that hunts you. Without them you will most certainly perish. If the cold, dark night doesn't kill you first.

A Hints and Hijinx Game by Yuigaron.

You can find Yuigaron on: Twitter, Threads, Bluesky

This work is based on The Hints and Hijinx System, product of Pandion Games (, developed and authored by Andrew Boyd, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (



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