About Hints and Hijinx Games

Discover a string of solo mystery journaling games to keep you on the edge of your seat!
A purpose built ttrpg system for uncovering mysteries, with a unique playthru each time.

Whether it is a coffee caper at a café, an insidious giant hamster conundrum, or discovering lost memories in hell, put on your favorite cap and become the only detective that can solve the case.

Dive into a Hints and Hijinx Mystery - or create your own!

  • Waffles for Esther

    The game that started it all!

    • Are you ready for a coffee caper? 
    • A sherbet soirée? 
    • Do you want to tango with a small-town troubled by treacherous tea times? 
    • Don’t waffle on your decisions, the order is getting cold, and so is the case.

  • Jester King's Dance

    A dive into the darker side of mystery.

    The Jester King is a malignant fool. 

    A careless mistake wrought upon the world. In hell, they were given the title of Jester King for the entertainment they provided the demons as their corporeal form danced upon the material plane, wreaking havoc with every thoughtless decision.

  • Hamsters & Himbos

    An embodiment of Hijinks!

    Giant hamsters have appeared in Willowdale. Their flowing, coats tell of pampered creatures on a rich diet full of keratin. However, the townspeople are terrified and have no clue where these creatures came from or why they are here. 

    That's when you, a self proclaimed gumshoe, knew exactly who to call for help:

    The three himbos with courage as big as their muscles.

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