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The Jester King's Dance

The Jester King's Dance

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The jester king is a malignant fool. 

A careless mistake wrought upon the world.

In hell they were given the title of Jester King for the entertainment they provided the demons as their corporeal form danced upon the material plane wreaking havoc with every thoughtless decision.

And now they awake here 
Forgotten of themself 
But a celebrity. 

But the entertainment must not stop. 

One last dance, as hell watches the jester king stumble to remember their deeds and perhaps, after an eternity of time, they may begin to repent

The Jester King's Dance is a solo journaling mystery game. That is explored by yourself by documenting in a notebook the tribulations of the Jester King and piecing together clues to uncover who they once were and their careless, evil deeds. 

You, dear player, are not the Jester King. You are not playing as them, but watching them and documenting their journey. Write more of their story after each step, dice roll, and card flip. You may hate and despise them after you complete the game. They may not deserve any absolution.

This is a dark, brutal game of uncovering the mystery of who they are and what terrible deeds surrounded them in life that earned them the title of the Jester King. However, you’re ultimately in control of where you want the story to go.  If you find yourself in too dark a place, or are no longer enjoying where the story is taking you, it’s okay to stop, rewind, and try something else, or walk away completely.


A Hints and Hijinx Game

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