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Storyteller Creator's Guide (Free PDF)

Storyteller Creator's Guide (Free PDF)

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Create supplements, content, hacks and games from Storyteller, our campfire narrative game!

Or bend the system to create different genres, themes, tones, and the prompts themselves to create your own game, Crafted with Storyteller.

  • This free Creator's Guide provides the mechanics, design principles and thoughts on how the pieces fit together so that you can create your own works using the systems.
  • Create games designed for play with minimal materials, large and small groups of players, and even interactive audiences.
  • As the Storyteller, a player can work with you, helping to quietly control the Antagonist of the story rather than a character in the group.
  • Players' whose characters were removed from the game don't just stop playing, but take on new rolls to help set the mood and tone for the rest of the game.
  • The 'Story Stick' mechanic not only allows players to interject new canon details into the story to help craft the narrative collaboratively, but allows for playing with large groups and audiences.
  • Unique resolution mechanics that use Physical, Skill or Knowledge tasks, picked by the Storyteller or Players, to challenge players in many different ways and build tension.
  • Free "Crafted with Storyteller" logo.
  • Available in .pdf, .epub, .txt and html formats.
  • Licensed under CC BY 4.0
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