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The Tether Journal (PDF Only)

The Tether Journal (PDF Only)

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A player supplement for playing the exciting letter-writing game: Tether by Adam Baffoni!

This print-and-play journal gives you a unique play experience and, after playing, a wonderfully haunting artifact that captures the terror your characters lived through as they discover what is going on in their small town.

This player supplement requires Tether to use. The Journal helps you keep track of what cards are drawn, the characters, setting, and your journal entries, but does not contain the rules or prompts for the game.

The Tether Journal is an independent creation by Pandion Games.
Tether was written and produced by Adam Baffoni.

*Unfortunately, we can only sell the PDF version of Tether bundled with a physical copy purchase. However, you can find the pdf on Adam Baffoni's itchio page here.

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