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Banda's Grove: The Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds (PDF)

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The slice of life, community building roleplaying game. Live at the Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds and discovery its wonder, mystery and adventure!

The planes intermingled, not neatly defined, but patched and twisted into each other all radiating out from where Banda stood. You can find the springy ground and dazzling colors of Alohi blended with the cold, snowy lands of Cluthar. The dry grasses and stone of Ágil folded around the dense, lush blues and floating fauna of Pese Malosi. The peoples are just as wonderful and varied as the planes they inhabit.

From the journal of Ranger Murie
First of the Grove

Banda's Grove Badge

The Resident Handbook:

Receive the digital Resident's Handbook PDF and all core handouts.

  • The Resident Handbook PDF. 70+ pages of content
  • Resident Cards character sheets
  • Map Pack
  • All future updates to the Resident's Handbook as they are released.


The Grove Ranger's Welcome Packet:

Get the Resident Handbook, plus access to all high-resolution print-and-play handouts and digital assets. Includes template files to make your own!

  • Plane Records
  • Badges Sheet
  • Camper and Spirit Cards
  • Nature Watching Cards
  • Quantum Event Cards
  • Nature Spot List


A crackling campfire, a cozy cabin, friendly company, a primordial quantum being in the shape of a white-tailed prairie dog, and making s’mores.  There’s really nothing quite like living at Banda’s Grove: The Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds.

Banda’s Grove is a diceless, cozy, slice of life RPG with hex map mechanics for 1-6 players plus a facilitator. A community-building game of discovery, quasi-magical quantum science, whimsy, and wonder!

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Rules inspired by Wanderhome by Jay Dragon and We Sail Beyond by Sealed Library.


  • Diceless - Earn Pebbles to spend on actions and moves to achieve your goals, build Facilities, earn badges and help others.
  • Short or Long Sessions - Play a quick 'one-week' session in 45-90 minutes or a more traditional 3-4 hour game with multiple weeks, events, and story beats.
  • 10 Playbooks - Play as the Grove Ranger, Artist, Botanist, Chef, Counselor, Ecologist, Groundskeeper, Instructor, Quantum Specialist or Tenderfoot.
  • Festivals and Special Events - Bring unique roleplaying and bonuses to your characters
  • Badges to earn - Permanently add new actions or bonuses to your Resident!
  • Map Drawing - Define details and discoveries of the Grove directly on the map!
  • Facilities to Build - Build new Facilities on Fragments with Grove Projects that unlock new actions, festivals and more.
  • Lore, But Room For More - All players are encouraged to add their own lore and details to the Grove by spending a Pebble. Each playgroup's Grove is unique!
  • Crafting! - An easy, fun crafting system to make all the things you could want, need or imagine!
  • Blips - Mysterious Imbalances - Quantum instabilities cause blips to consume a Fragment. They can be healed and mended in several ways to get the Fragment and its Facility back!
  • Multiple Formats Available: Full-color, Print Friendly, Singles, Spreads, booklet printing, .txt, .epub, and HTML.

Listen to the Banda's Grove playlist: Banda's Groove!