a cozy, asymmetrical, two-player TTRPG

  • Beginner-friendly rules to get into mischievous fun
  • 42 total adventure hooks
  • Tips on how to play as a badger or coyote character
  • How to play GMless, two player games
  • Two play styles (Discover and Share)
  • 8 Story Twists to choose from to surprise your friend 
  • Based on biologist's research on how this lovable duo interact with the other in the wild
  • A game for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Badger and Coyote are the unlikeliest of friends on a quest to help the other forest creatures in this two player TTRPG. These tales tell heartwarming (and often dangerous!) stories of teamwork and overcoming challenges together.

  • Journey together as Badger and Coyote through 40 daring adventures

    • Work with beavers to restore a dried up stream and save the locals.
    • Help a family of raccoons trapped high up a mysterious, magical tree.
    • Contain a raging forest fire and evacuate the animals to safety.
    • Outwit poachers setting traps to capture endangered creatures.

  • Multiple Play Styles and Story Twists to customize your game

    Two styles of are play available: Discovering a Story, and Sharing a Story, depending on how the two players want to interact with the story themselves. Discover a Story play method allows one player to take on more of a GM role and guide the story, while Share a Story has the players work together with all the twists and turns.

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