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Substratum Protocol Folios

Substratum Protocol Folios

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This free resource bundle for Substratum Protocol includes print friendly character, team, and mission control folios. 

If you've purchased Substratum Protocol, these are included in your purchase's digital download bundle. 

What is a tabletop roleplaying game without its character sheet? In Substratum Protocol, we have designed three unique bi-folded character sheets we call folios.

Our physical folios are printed in full color on heavier, uncoated card stock paper that can stand up to the rigors of note-taking, erasing, and being tossed in your dice bag after the session.

Personnel Folio 

This folio contains everything players need, including a full rules reference for your Actions, die roles, and exosuit abilities. It allows you to track which clues and knowledge you have, your inventory, current Skill Dice ratings, and more. This is your main character sheet.

Team Folio

A dedicated character sheet for playing solo! When playing solo, you take on the role of the leader of the expedition and the other three members of your team share a single folio. The Team Folio, like the Personnel Folio, has a rules reference just for the solo player and managing their Team.

Mission Control Folio

Mission Control is the Game Master in Substratum Protocol, and because of the collaborative nature of the game, we have built a folio just for them to track the expedition's progress and members' stress, current depths and what pages the events are on for each, and a place to document the Final Hypothesis and the dice associated with the end game. And of course, a rules reference.

The Expedition Journal

One thing we love to do with our Hints and Hijinx games is making player artifacts - a dedicated themed journal for the game to document your entire journey in one place. All the members in your team, creatures you meet, dice rolls, adventures, clues, setbacks and successes of your expedition can be captured in a book to look back on or share.

So we created the Expedition Journal. It has room to expand upon who you and your team members are. Document the clues, their location, and the context in which you find them. Track the questions the clues posed to you and your answers. And of course, there are plenty of pages to keep track of the events you encounter, and the rolls you made. At the top of each page you can key your entries back to clues, depth sectors, and events for quick referencing later.

At the end, you'll have an artifact wholly unique to you and your expedition.
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