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The Tether Journal (Free PDF)

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A print-and-play supplement for playing the exciting letter-writing game: Tether - by Adam Baffoni!

This print-and-play journal gives you a unique play experience and, after playing, a wonderfully haunting artifact that captures the terror your characters lived through.

This play supplement requires Tether to use. The Journal helps you keep track of what cards are drawn, the characters, setting, and your journal entries, but does not contain the rules or prompts for the game.


Printout the TetherJournal_Full.pdf in booklet format - this is easily done with a program like FoxitPDF Reader via the print options. 

Then fold the pages in half, assemble them together in order, and either staple or tie a string along the center of the pages to bind them together.

We also provide the Cover and Interior pages as separate files if you want to print the cover in a heavier card stock. We grant you permission to print these files at home, or at a commercial printer (send us pictures so we can see it!).

This is an independent creation. Tether was created by Adam Baffoni.