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Pandion Games

The Pandion Pack

The Pandion Pack

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Own the entire Pandion Games catalog at a discount! The Pandion Pack includes every published game and PDF published to date. The pack includes a summary booklet of each game - perfect for gifts. 

As more games are released, the Pandion Pack will be updated. If you purchase the Pandion Pack you will have access to any future updates or releases of the digital versions of our games.

Included in the Pack

Banda's Grove

Enter the mysterious quantum realm to build, explore and discover the quantum convergence of campgrounds from across the universe in Banda’s Grove! 1+ players map drawing, community building game. (Digital Only).

Badger + Coyote

Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with the cozy two player game of mischief with Badger + Coyote. 2 player game with asymmetric rules for each player.

Whispers in the Walls

Uncover the horrors that took place as a private investigator in Whispers in the Walls. A 1 player horror journaling game using a deck of cards

Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game

Rekindle telling ghost stories around the campfire in Storyteller: A Campfire Narrative Game. Includes rules for traditional play or to tell stories to audiences. 2+ player + GM
a diceless folklore horror game.

Monsters & Counselors

Keep the children safe from themselves and the creature that lurks as the camp counselors at Camp Brittle Bone! 2-6 players + GM, summer camp map drawing and survival game

Waffles for Esther

Delve into a silly and entertaining mystery to discover where your favorite diner regular disappeared to before her waffles get cold! The solo mystery journaling game that launched the Hints and Hijinx mystery games.

The Jester King's Dance

Discover what a dark forgotten soul did during life to earn the name Jester King by gaining clues from the demons of hell. A solo Hints and Hijinx mystery.

All available PDFs (free and paid) included:

Badger + Coyote, Banda's Grove, Monsters & Counselors, Osprey Fishing (free), Storyteller Creator's Guide (free), Storyteller, Quantar and the Cleft (free adventure supplement for Banda's Grove), The Tether Journal (a free play supplement for Tether by Adam Baffoni), Whispers in the Walls.

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